Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living Locally: Bistro Seven Seven in Alliston, Ontario

I'm lucky enough to work two jobs.  I'm both a Service Director (the "head Flight Attendant" on a flight) for a national airline as well as a Realtor.  To accommodate my flying schedule, although I'm licensed as a Registered Salesperson, I choose to work as a Licensed Assistant to another Registered Salesperson in my area.  He's a great boss, it's a great brokerage and loving both my jobs makes my life somewhat difficult because I DO overschedule myself.  Recently, my brokerage decided to treat the administrative staff for dinner as a token of appreciation for the work we do.

Our manager took us out to dinner at a great local restaurant called Bistro Seven Seven.  I had noticed this restaurant, located on Victoria Street East in Alliston, while driving around town and put it on my list of places to check out "some time" and of course, never got around to it.  I'm SO thankful I was given an opportunity to dine here, especially since this lovely dinner was on someone else's dime.  :)

The restaurant is set up in what appears to be a century home.  I didn't get a chance to really check out the interior since our party was seated in a private room upstairs.  I was lucky enough to score a seat next to the room's gas fireplace (the girl who is always chilly was toasty warm!!).  Eating here is definitely an experience, it's not a restaurant that you'd pop into for a quick meal.  While we conversed our tables were provided with fresh bread as well as some salmon croquettes and sweet potato fritters as appetizers.  I didn't have a chance to try the fritters but the salmon croquettes, served with a spicy mayo, were delicious.  Between the courses, we were offered a coconut sorbet to cleanse our palettes.  It was light and refreshing...a welcome addition that is often forgotten at restaurants these days.

The restaurant has their regular menu as well as a table d'hote or prix fixe option (I'm actually not sure what the english equivalents are for those terms).  I ordered the crab cakes to start, followed with their herbed gnocchi.  The food was fantastic and although it's not a cheap restaurant (for someone with my budget) it's DEFINITELY somewhere I'm going to try and hit up again if I ever have an occasion that warrants a nice meal.  I thoroughly enjoyed my evening!!

I'd recommend making reservations as, even though we were there on a Wednesday, the restaurant seemed to fill quickly.  Bistro Seven Seven was a wonderful reminder that you don't need to leave New Tecumseth to find fine dining options.  Check out their website at!

Happily (and with a very contented tummy!),

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