Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finally, a vaguely productive day!

Hey All,

So I've booked off from flying for awhile due to an injury...I was "attacked" by a drunken friend and injured my knee to the point where I was using crutches for the first few days afterwards.  My knee had improved to the point where I could go back to work but I needed a doctor's note for my absence (thanks Air Canada for helping to clog doctor's offices with non-essential visits!).  I took a day off work at the office so I could make it to the clinic and managed to get some other errands done too.  Nothing glamorous but I managed the following:

  • dropped old kitchen sink and old pedestal sink off at Alliston's ReStore.
  • dropped off a bag of clothing at Chez Thrift
  • dropped off a bag of miscellaneous clutter at the Bolton ReUstore (to be honest, if I had sorted through it better I could have dropped it off at the ReStore or Clothes Line in Alliston)
  • had my taxes done
  • finally returned something to Home Depot
  • read my law textbook
  • moved patio furniture back outside
  • opened up all the windows to air out my house
It was NOT an exciting day but some of those items have been making me feel guilty for awhile now so it was nice to finally get them done.  My To Do list is still redonkulous (no, that's not a real word...yes, I still use it all the time) but I'm slowly getting through things.  Finishing up my real estate law course is a pretty big item on the list as is hosting a garage sale during Tottenham's 2014 Toot n'Holler community wide garage sale.

Side note:  When I first moved here and people mentioned the Toot n'Holler I thought they were exaggerating.  Seriously though, the most traffic I see in this town is actually on Toot n'Holler day and it should be considered a national holiday for those who love thrifting.

I've also picked up more paint so I can finish painting my foyer and stairwell and really need to get my butt in gear over the work being done in the kitchen.  Finally, there are just a few more steps to having my powder room completed (putty and paint the trim, re-hang the mirror/towel rack/toilet paper holder) - thankfully, it's at least functional in its current state.

I have been pretty stressed and down lately as I've been stretched a bit thin.  I'm not sure if its simply been the change in weather but things seem a bit better now.  I'm still busy to an ungodly degree but I feel like I have a better handle on things.


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