Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent and Mindful Sacrifices

Although I'm not a practicing Christian I thought I'd try to observe Lent this year as its elements of sacrifice and introspection coincide nicely with the purging and simplifying I'm trying to do.  

So what am I going to sacrifice?
  • Restaurant meals (when I'm not flying).  Going hungry for a few minutes because I have to take time to cook really isn't THAT much of a sacrifice when you think of how many people in this world simply go hungry.
  • Mindless shopping.  I like to think I don't have a major issue with this but now that I'm trying to simplify my wardrobe and finish decorating parts of my house it could be very tempting to "just pick up a few things".
  • "Screen time" (TV/movies/social media/etc). I'm smirking as I type this since this blog is an excellent way to get stuck on the computer.  This includes using my phone to access these things but excludes work-related screen time or dedicated time for checking/paying bills.  I'm hoping to limit my time to an average of 1.5 hrs per day.  That seems like a lot of time to use up but it goes quickly so it will be quite challenging.
Wish me luck!!

As for today's activities...I've been sorting through my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, only about 15 items have made it to the definite sell/donate pile while about 40 items are on notice.  Due to my weight gain, I have a lot of duplication in my closet.  For example, I have multiple skirts but half of them are size 6 and half of them are size 8.  My deadline for deciding on those items is the Toot n' Holler community garage sale that takes place at the end of April.  If the items still don't fit, they have to go (I'll probably allow myself 10 "pardons" but that still means 30+ items will be eliminated).  I have yet to tackle shoes, purses, jackets and other accessories but it was tricky enough to go through the clothing, I thought I'd give myself a bit of a breather before digging further into my wardrobe.


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