Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling Overwhelmed

I have felt really overwhelmed lately.  I feel as if I'm working too much, that I've started too many projects and that I ultimately, I'm only treading water.  Its very discouraging.  This whole scenario was capped off by me *missing* a flight I was supposed to work this past Friday.  I was called by Scheduling, got off the phone and hopped into the shower, determined to get ready quickly instead of dragging myself around.  Dressed and ready, I headed into the kitchen to make breakfast and glancing at the clock, noted I had a lot more time than I thought.  I slowed my pace, happy that I didn't need to feel stressed before work.  I had so much time in fact, that I was able to read a book for a short while.  A friend texted me, I picked up my phone to read the message and my heart sank when I saw the time on my phone.  It was 9:45am and I needed to be AT the airport at 10:10 am.  The clock I had been looking at earlier was off by an hour.

I had to call Scheduling back and tell them there was no way I could make the flight.  This is a really, REALLY bad thing to do when on reserve (I'm supposed to be the person replacing the crew member who booked off due to illness).  I wanted to cry, missing a flight like that is NOT an indication that I'm becoming more organized.

I know that I need to get things under control again.  I'm tired of not really knowing where my money is going, living in a home where things are disorganized and generally just feeling overwhelmed.  Although I have a list of on-going projects on the right sidebar, I'm *really* going to focus on getting my budget back on track (it's not that I'm wildly overspending, rather I'm just not tracking my finances), getting my house decluttered and organizing my "paperwork" (the warranties, receipts, bills, tax info that seems to have just ended up in a shoebox instead of the files I have set up).  Unfortunately, I believe this means you'll be forced to read about my attempts to get these things under control!!


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