Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Neal's Yard Remedies - Foundation Review

Now these aren't exactly the *best* pictures of me (left is without foundation, right is with foundation) but I wanted to show you how light and natural the new foundation I bought is.  Makeup isn't a requirement for survival so if you're being really technical, all of it is wasteful consumption.  That being said, makeup is a pretty entrenched part of our society - and I like how it makes me look - so I'm not cutting it from my life.

Neal's Yard Remedies products are all manufactured in their purpose built factory in Dorset and they are very careful with their ingredient choices, preferring to omit substances that aren't proven safe.  This is the first of their products that I've purchased so I'm still being introduced to the brand.

Their mineral foundation comes in a very limited selection of colours, there are currently only 4.  As I'm new to the brand, I'm unsure of whether there were previously more options or if they are expecting to add colours more suitable to darker skin tones but this foundation line is probably pretty useless to POC.  I can't *guarantee* that since, as you can probably assume from my photo, I have zero experience in choosing makeup tones for non-pasty skin but even their darkest shade seems *awfully* light.

For the members of the population that haven't been ignored, I can recommend this product IF you prefer foundations that provide light coverage.  If you struggle with problem skin or have significant variations in skin tone, this foundation will probably not be ideal for you.  It has very light coverage and even when I attempted to "build" the coverage by blending more on, it was still very sheer.  I don't wear heavy makeup though so this was perfect for me.  I also found that once it "set" (ie, absorbs some of your skin's oil), it had a "glowy" finish instead of the super matte look some mineral foundations provide.

It was $39 when I purchased it (regular price, I'm not sure if it ever goes on sale) so this is clearly not a drugstore makeup price point.  I haven't purchased department store or specialty store foundation for years but I imagine this is similar to their price points.

Neal's Yard Remedies is fairly new to Canada and according to their website, currently only has 2 store locations, both of which are in Calgary.  If you live outside this area, I encourage you to check out their website at NealsYardRemedies.ca.

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