Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One Week In...

Last week I posted the new budget I was going to try and stick with to help me get used to a lower income.  What I didn't consider was that this new budget will also have to cover car payments and THAT made me realize my hope of getting a new crossover is basically a pipe dream.  I still have to go and speak to someone at a dealership but I really can't imagine I have enough income to cover the payments on a vehicle in that price range.  A dealership would argue with me on this and tell me they can get the monthly payments down to an affordable number but that would mean extending the financing past 5 years which is something I won't let myself do.  Selfish Kris really wants a fancy new ride but practical Kris seems to be winning the argument when it comes to the finances.  If all the scribbling I've done on scraps of paper while waiting between flights is correct, I likely *could* afford a new car but if I bought an SUV, it'd have to be previously owned.

This epiphany was kinda a downer but I still have a bit of time before my current car dies which will help me save more money and hopefully, convince my brother to help me out while looking at used cars.

As far as sticking to the budget...well, it's only day 6 and I've been flying a lot so it's not like I've had to deal with a lot of temptation.  I didn't plan my evenings out with friends very well so although I went out with a buddy for dinner tonight, I'm also going to be going out tomorrow night with a girlfriend.  Ordinarily, I'd try to space those events out more but tomorrow's dinner is basically my friend's attempt at setting me up so there wasn't any wiggle room with the timing.  I'm really going to have to be creative later in the month to get this money to stretch until September!!

The non-financial side of things is actually doing well.  As usual, I'm working a bit too much but I'm now putting those hours in to try and pay down debt/save up money for car/reno's/travel/secret goal so, as ugly as it is...keeping my eye on the prize is getting me through it.  I've been trying to get back to eating well and exercising regularly too.  The flying hasn't made that easy but I feel very motivated and optimistic.  Today was also a "rest/cheat" day for me.  I think I need to be more flexible with my plan since, in the past, minor setbacks have completely destroyed my resolve and led to a lot of backsliding.

Anyways, it's late and I should be sleeping!!  

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