Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm a hypocrite...because of my dining room wall.

I'm a hypocrite...

To the right, you'll see a (poor-quality) photo of my dining area.  *Please ignore the piles of stuff on my dining room table.*  I, the girl who says she's trying to be a non-consumer and avoid excess packaging, went to Ikea yesterday to browse.  My first mistake was going to an Ikea to browse since I get a high off of Ikea that most people need drugs to attain.  My second mistake was not running out of there at top speed when I picked up when one of their yellow shopping bags.

In my defense (excuses, excuses!), I had planned something for my dining room wall that had always involved Ikea components.  You can see the general idea taking shape in the photo.  I wanted to have my exhibition poster hanging above the sideboard, with some shelving and the Ikea wine racks you see in the pic.  I could've purchased or acquired shelving and brackets somewhere else and then painted them to match.  THAT would've been the non-consumer thing to do but apparently, I'm a hypocrite.  When I saw that Ikea had shelves that would match and brackets that had the sleek style I was going for, I caved.  It wasn't the cheapest way to accomplish this plan, it wasn't the non-consumer way to achieve this goal but it was easy and between being stretched thin time-wise and just wanting some of the things on my list to finally get done...I did it.  I bought the shelves.  How do I feel about this?  Honestly, not as guilty as I thought I would feel.  That little voice inside is saying "Tsk tsk." but I know if I had waited to find shelving, find the right paint colour, find brackets, paint the shelves and then hang them, finishing this task would be a lot further away.  As it stands right now, I just need to hang the poster (easy peasy, that's a one screw job) and the second wall shelf.  I'll have to get a friend to hold the poster at various heights so I can figure out how high it, and the second shelf, need to be hung.  If I didn't need to wait to do that, the whole job would be done by now.

I WAS better than I could've been an the Ikea.  I used to end up with a cart full of decorative accessories and trust me, there was a lot of temptation but I just kept thinking that I could probably find very similiar vases/pitchers/knickknacks secondhand at a thrift store.  Ikea keeps its prices really low (I'm intrigued how much of this is due to the size of their orders vs. externalizing the costs of manufacturing) so buying secondhand might not have a huge cost benefit but at least it wouldn't trigger the production of more items.

So yes, I'm a hypocrite because of my dining room wall but this was a guilty pleasure, I can't say I'd have chosen differently if I had to do it over again.  I'm going to go ahead and take "Finish Dining Room Decor" off my to do list now since the next step will likely get finished off tonight.

Do you make conscious decisions to go against your general philosophy every so often or do you have the willpower and determination to stick to it 24/7?


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